I thank you all

I have successfully completed the tasks marked in my journal against this week. I never thought I could achieve half  of my goals. See for yourself what I completed in a span of 6 days-

  • Register in skillshare and attend lectures on amateur writing skills and how to blog. ?
  • Setting up blog and social media platforms – FB, Instagram, twitter, tumblr, wattpad and a page dedicated to writing in FB.?
  • Complete website creation and design in WordPress.com?
  • Write 1000 words minimum everyday. I wrote 7000words so far, without including the parts i edited out.?
  • Learn to make book cover from stock photos and make one for my story?
  • Start publishing my story in wattpad.com?? (2 parts)

I thank the people who helped me achieve these goals successfully.

Especially my first inspiration :My brother Manoj VS

I am grateful to youtuber Jenna Moreci. thank you for your valuable input – she mentioned both skillshare and wattpad in her video as well as ‘asks’. Thank you skillshare for the wonderful opportunity and for providing 1 month free usage.
I am attaching the poster of my story that I am publishing at https://www.wattpad.com/user/anandvram It is a network where amateur writers can find and understand what they have to do to improve. Moreover it’s completely free and has a ton of good reading material in hundred of categories.
If you have a few minutes to spare, read my story and share your suggestions. Follow me in your social media networks. Thank you, feel free to ask help. I promise you the best i can.


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